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Magnesium carbon brick for electric furnace

      DH series electric furnace magnesia-carbon brick is designed and manufactured according to different parts and conditions of electric furnace. It adopts high purity, high density electrofused magnesia or large crystalline electrofused magnesia and high purity graphite as the main raw materials, adding appropriate amount of antioxidant, and taking phenolic resin as binder, forming under high pressure.

      The product is mainly used in the lining of electric furnace, and directly contact with molten steel and slag. It has the advantages of high strength, strong slag resistance, good thermal shock stability and high refractoriness. According to the smelting conditions, different grades of magnesia-carbon bricks were selected for different parts of the electric furnace.

Product parameters

Packing mode:

Wooden pallets.

It can be packed according to different modes of transportation.

Plywood packing suitable for train transportation.

Suitable for automobile transportation of winding packaging or carton packaging.

Suitable for sea winding packaging or heat shrinkable packaging.


Pay attention to moisture-proof, handle with care.