R&D / R&D center

R&D center

● The company's R & D center has 27 technical personnel, strong technical force.。
● The center consists of three physical and chemical testing rooms and a laboratory
● The laboratory under the center is liaoning provincial record laboratory.
● In 2014, it was recognized as the provincial engineering technology research center of Liaoning Province。
 The center has complete refractories testing equipment and a series of international leading level of modern analytical characterization means.
● Center to keep an eye on the refractory material at home and abroad market volatile and refractory material and the development trend of the iron and steel technology at home and abroad, and Northeastern University, shenyang chemical industry university, wuhan university of science and technology, liaoning university of science and technology at home and abroad, such as colleges and universities to carry out the production, study and research cooperation, established long-term, stable relations of cooperation, the absorption and the introduction of high-quality professional and technical personnel, continuously develop to meet market demand of high-tech products.

Experimental facilities